To set high quality standards in market with the aim for a dynamic expansion in the new millennium.


Consistently develop and re engineer our services in order to easily meet and the expectations of our clients across the exceed world.

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Professional management, proficient work force and a satisfied client base are the major strengths of our company.

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Acoustic Components

Dream Line Plastics can make the vehicle interior a more pleasant environment by incorporating components that either block or absorb noise. In some cases we can accomplish both by using unique material constructions.
The products we manufacture for Acoustics Management include various insulators, body plugs and acoustic wheel liners. These products are made with recycled EVA, PVC, TEO, Urethanes, Shoddy Fiber, Fiberglass and Polyester.DLP innovative Reformâ„¢ process makes our products' strength-to-weight ratio well suited to applications requiring lightweight, high-performance composite sound insulators and air/water barriers.

Our Range of Products: